Sunday, July 01, 2007

Travelin' man

Have you ever noticed how many baby clothes label the baby as such? Like, just in case you were wondering why this guy was so short? Oh, I get it now: he's a baby! Anyway, you can't tell it from this photo, but that baby was visiting some friends a couple of hours away. This was our first experiment in deviating from our schedule, though we stuck to it pretty well - he napped in the car at roughly his normal naptimes, and he had an eat/play/nap/eat/play cycle at our friends' house while we all sat around observing him and eating snacks. Good times. And get a load of that fat baby belly!

Here's a photo from today on a foray outdoors. The dog seems to have accepted the baby into the household, or he's at least become resigned to his presence.

This week, my brother arrives for a visit and a crash course in infant care. If we spontaneously combust, my brother will get, so he needs some education in the basics.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Love that blue hat! He is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Is that your husband holding He has some nice pipes!

Meg said...

Ohhhhhhh, your little guy is so cute!! More pics please!

C. said...

And chin, the man has a nice chin.