Monday, July 09, 2007

I would like an adult-sized one of these

This papasan swing is the coziest thing ever - that pod is lined in fleece and a synthetic suede-y fabric. It looks quite relaxing to me. isn't allowed to fall asleep in there anymore, but we do stick him in at the end of playtime as a kind of soothing mechanism before we go upstairs and he screams and screams about being put to bed.

In other news, I need a goal, and getting into shape seems like a good, not-mentally-taxing goal, so I am thinking of running a half-marathon in October. Really, I'd like to run this marathon in April, but that's easy to say from my position on the couch. I've run two half-marathons in the past, but I was younger then, and I also lived in an area where I could train on lovely trails, whereas now I do not. Also, the reason I've never run a marathon before is that my knees and feet are shoddily constructed. Still, I harbor delusions of grandeur, and by grandeur I mean intense pain, blisters, and chafed and bleeding nipples (and I'm not referring to breastfeeding, for once).

To further these foolish dreams, I am visiting the podiatrist today to get fitted for orthotics. I was fitted for them in the past, but then it turned out that my podiatrist was a boob. In addition to my delusions of grandeur, I harbor delusions that orthotics will solve not just my physical ailments, but also global warming, the Iraq war, and the problem of evil, by which I mean Dick Cheney. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'm walking daily and plan to start more high-impact, jog-bra-requiring exercise once I'm done breastfeeding. A week from today, gets his shots, and that's when I've decided I'm free to quit. Until then, I'll keep nursing and pumping, though perhaps not as rigorously as I have been.


My Reality said...

I think I would like one of those, too!

Anita said...

Delurking to say .. Me too! Do you think if we start a letter writting campaign to the company they'll start making a grown-up version?

Great goal to set for yourself. I miss running and hope to start again in the fall. I have crap knees too but found a great support sock that helps keep everything in line.

Good luck with the shots. I think they are harder on us mums then on the babes.

Susanne said...

I'm delurking, too. I had my baby (Thomas) 3 weeks after you, also by C-section. Like you, I used to be thin and fit; I ran marathons and biked, and gained very little weight with the pregnancy.
I'm curious if your doc has given you any idea whether resuming an exercise program like the one you are considering will help with the tummy pooch--assuming you have one. Would you be comfortable addressing how your body is healing and how you look so far? What can we anticipate as far as regaining our pre-pregnancy shape?
Good luck with the running! I hope to be back out there soon myself.

Hopeful Mother said...

I agree that the swing looks mighty comfortable... except I'm pretty sure they don't make it in "pregnant with twins" size. :-)

I'll be interested to hear about your progress on training for a marathon/half marathon... I'm impressed by your ambition!