Monday, July 30, 2007

The best thing

You know how when you're enduring infertility, the worst thing that people can say to you (other than that perhaps you weren't meant to have children) is that they'd never do IVF (or IUIs or whatever)? Well, it turns out that the best thing someone can say to you when you're having breastfeeding problems is that they never would have been able to stick with it if they'd faced your hurdles. One of my friends (who breastfed her daughter for 18 months) said this to me the other day, and that made me feel better than just about anything I've heard or thought.

In other news,'s napping is a complete catastrophe. He often resists going to sleep, and when he does, he'll wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. And then he's crotchety because he's tired. There are hours of crying each day now where there used to be maybe one in total. The baby nurse returns on Thursday - I just hope I can last until then. I am having massive anxiety about all of this and can't eat or sleep well. I just have no idea how to get him back on track. I sit outside his room (as I am doing right now) and listen for peeps or cries so that I can soothe him before it escalates to the point of no return.


Heather said...

I hope everything sorts itself out soon.

I always thought breastfeeding was just a natural, easy thing. My mom breastfed both me and my sister and she talked about it so naturally.

Then, I saw what my sister went through with my nephew and I realized how hard it truly is. Any woman that sticks with it for any period of time is a true hero in my book!

Unfortunately, I think too many people think it is supposed to be easy. I wish everyone knew how hard it really is.

Meg said...

MM - That IS a nice thing to hear... makes you feel like you are doing the right thing, not (by accident, of course) the wrong thing.