Friday, July 06, 2007

Late-onset colic?

Our darling little boy has become a really large pain in the ass the past few days re: naps. For a few days, he didn't want to go to sleep. Today, he's gone to sleep well enough, but then wakes up and is totally inconsolable. I've spent hours attempting to soothe him while still keeping him in his crib, with little success. I'm hoping he'll rethink his new policies and return to the old routine. He's still sleeping pretty well at night at least - let's hope he doesn't dispense with that, too.

We have a sitter tonight so we can go out to eat with my brother, who's visiting. We're going to put the baby to bed for her in the hopes that he'll then snooze the whole time we're out. Fingers crossed....

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statia said...

I think all babies go through relapses. One step forward, two steps back kind of thing. Once you think you have something down pat, they go and change on you. They're still younguns after all.

But I'd say that most likely, he'll resume somewhat of his normal pattern.

There could also be a witching hour thing going on. I think a lot of babies go through that too. Ours did, and he went through it from about 8-15 weeks. Usually about 6:30 to 8pm (bedtime). Sometimes as early as 5. It passes though. It's hell in the meantime, but it does pass. And no matter what you do, it doesn't seem to help them. I think for them, it's just their way of relieving stress. The upside to that, I found anyway, in our personal situation, was that it totally helped the Mini to pass out cold when bedtime rolled around, and he slept well. So well, that when my mother came to visit and he didn't have his normal daily routine, he slept like total crap those nights she was here.