Thursday, May 17, 2007


Don't they say that on postpartum day three, the hormones crash? Um, yeah, that's happening to me. I have cried over people being nice to me, fear of leaving the hospital, and (repeatedly) absolutely nothing today. I guess I won't be switching back from my glasses to my contacts anytime soon.

We're back at home now. My milk has come in as the result (probably) of a ton of pumping. At the hospital, despite's good latch, the pediatrician was concerned he might be getting dehydrated, and she had us start supplementing with donor milk. There is a huge milk bank (mostly for NICU babies) at the hospital, and that was all great, but the rub is that now he is used to a greater quantity of milk than an average baby his age, and I probably won't have that much milk for another couple of weeks, and you can't take donor milk from the hospital. So we will probably be supplementing with formula, which irritates me. The supplements go through this little contraption that feeds them through a straw when he is on the breast, so he thinks he's getting it from me. Sucker! Ha! Double-entendre!

My OB and several nurses made a point of saying that they, too, cried at everything for a couple of weeks. I think my husband is a bit baffled by it. He keeps asking, "Are you crying about something? Or nothing?"

In terms of positive news, the little guy is very cute, and also my recent investments in stool softeners and Milk of Mag.nesia have paid off, biologically speaking. Phew!

Keep your fingers crossed we can keep the little fellow alive overnight. And then the night after that. And so on.


Hopeful Mother said...

Glad to hear you are both back home now, and minus the crying jags, things are going well.

I want to see more pictures!!

My Reality said...

He is absolutely beautiful!! I hope the crying jags end soon. I am sure you will figure out the milk situation soon. Glad you are back at home!

TLB said...

Hope you're all three doing all right today.