Monday, May 07, 2007

Photo gallery: the nursery

Our nursery is largely complete, if significantly less stylish than, say, Emmie's or Jennifer's. I present to you a gallery of shots taken not five minutes ago.

A few things to note:

1. The TV isn't staying in there. I'm not sure where it's going, but it won't be in the nursery. At least not until we resort to Netfl1x.

2. Our glider hasn't arrived, so we borrowed the brown rocker/recliner from one of my husband's colleagues. The new glider will be more appropriate, color-scheme-wise, but I must admit the recliner is very comfortable.

3. Please appreciate the little mobile I rigged up over the changing table so as to confuse the little guy into not squirming during diaper changes.

4. I admit: I have been too scared about SIDS to put in the v. cute crib bumper just yet.

5. But I did put a breathable bumper into the cradle in our room, which is where the little fellow will snooze for at least a few weeks. You will notice that the bumper isn't meant for a cradle, which means I've rigged it up, doubling it up in certain areas, which in turn perhaps defeats its safety purposes. (I did put my mouth to it to see if it is still breathable, and it is.)

One week from today! Egad!


Jennifer said...

Can I say again I love the monkey rug? We have a very similair one in or bedroom! I also like how you tailored the room to entertain a baby, with the black and white cards and the little hanging toys! And I am so jealous of your glider!

It isn't long now...can you believe it???

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

So cute!

Hopeful Mother said...

It looks awesome! Nothing wrong with functional!

Gallaudet said...

I just love seeing a nursery in your house! Also, it looks both practial and classy, which surprises me not at all since you designed it and you are both. However, I am intensely annoyed that I am missing the big debut by, like, two weeks. Nevertheless, I am thinking of you constantly and sending efficient-and-painless section vibes your way. Isn't the last week of waiting INTENSE?