Friday, May 11, 2007

Out of Office

Today was my last day at work until mid-August. I'll probably do some work over the summer here and there, but I don't have to be in the office, and it feels great. I set my out-of-office autoreply and changed my voicemail greeting. I also checked out a key to the lactation room and took a look at it - it's pretty good (sink, fridge, pump, chairs), if not super-cushy.

Yesterday, I got a pedicure (pictured). It was prom-preparation day at the nail salon - aside from me, there were two other women in their 30s and then fifteen or so teens who were trying to decide what nail polish would match their dresses. I did not envy them. Sometimes, I might like to be 27 or 28 again, but high school? No, thanks.
Also pictured is our guest room, which is all set up and ready to go for my mother, who is arriving on the 21st. She insists upon driving here (17 hours) - all in one day. I wish she would just fly so that I don't have to worry about a 60-year-old woman being a road warrior on the interstate.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

So exciting! It must have felt good to turn your out of office on. I hope that your mom has a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Your toes look great!

I wouldn't want to relive high school again either.