Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Modest fetus

I had my amnio and ultrasound today. The baby had its legs crossed over its groin (and its hands over its face), but the ultrasound tech got some glimpse that made her think it's a boy. The FISH results will be back in two days, and those will tell us definitively. The full amnio results will be back in two weeks.

The baby looks more like a baby than a peanut now - he had real arms and legs and a little nose. He doesn't seem to move all that much, although he did flip over between the initial ultrasound and the one they did in conjunction with the amnio. He is one cute little feller.

Remember how I said I'd stop worrying if the amnio results came back fine? Well, I can already tell you that that is a lie. You see, the only thing the doctor didn't like on the ultrasound was the baby's feet - he wants another ultrasound in three to four weeks to check for clubfoot. He said it's early, and also the baby's position kept him from telling whether there was an issue there, but of course I will now worry about this. At least clubfoot is correctable. But it would nice to have no known issues for once. I will focus on retaining my excellent health insurance in the meantime.

The amnio itself was no big deal. I had the head of the maternal-fetal medicine group perform it, and I definitely felt like I was in great hands. It was short and practically painless - less painful than your average, well-executed blood draw - and the needle is inside this stabilizing contraption that keeps you from actually seeing its full length. Anyway, we'll now hope that no complications follow, and that the amnio results come back perfect.

I hope you are all doing well!


My Reality said...

Hoping for good results for you and your little boy! (Unless he is a girl, then I hope for good results for you and your little girl!)

TLB said...

That is awesome, awesome news. I think the two of you are going to be just fine--but I will be here for moral support if you feel the need to worry a while longer.

VanillaDreams said...

Good luck with all of this, MM. I too would be worried doing an amnio and going for those ultrasounds.

I have said in the past and I'll say it again, the only way I'll ever feel "reasonably sure" to be taking home a live baby is once I make it past 34 weeks. And, you'll notice that I STILL only said "reasonably sure"!! (plus that's assuming that our next FET actually yields positive results!)

So, wishing you the very best in all of this.


Emmie said...

I'm glad the amnio procedure wasn't painful. How funny that your little guy (?) was being all shy and covered up!

I'm sorry you now have the clubfoot thing to worry's amazing how it's just one worry after the next. I hope all the results come back perfect!

Hopeful Mother said...

I'm glad that the amnio procedure went well - and with the u/s it's so funny that your little feller is so shy... I'm hoping you have nothing to worry about with the clubfoot, but it is annoying how there is ALWAYS something to worry about.

How are YOU feeling?