Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The 5% Nation, Continued

Thanks for all of your posts below - they really mean a lot to me. I now have an appointment tomorrow at UCSF with the main prenatal genetics doctor, and then I have a level II ultrasound there as well. I was impressed that I got in there so quickly - either my doctor is very important or I am in a bad situation. I am assuming the former. Or, more realistically, he probably told the UCSF people that I am neurotic and high-maintenance and would likely spontaneously combust if I couldn't get some more information. We'll see.

It is difficult to be rational. Like, I know the chances are much better than not that things will be okay. One of my friends took her son to the pediatrician today (a very experienced, in-demand doctor) and she asked about trisomy 20 mosai.cism. He said that in 20 years, he'd never seen it actually happen - ie, people get the bad result on their amnios, then the kids are fine. But it is so hard for me to feel reassured by that, you know? And I know that this would probably come up in plenty of people who never have amnios, and thus never know. But it is still anxiety-inducing.

I was supposed to have lunch and go walking with a pregnant friend of mine today, but she had her baby a couple of days ago (two weeks early). I still went walking (running, even!), which was lovely, but I have since returned to the friend's house where I am staying and have basically been napping, crying, and consulting Dr. Google, who doesn't have as much info as I'd like.

Another thing that concerns me is that I can't feel this kid move yet, I don't think. I know there's a range of when people feel movement, but I know so many people who have felt it way earlier than this. I guess I'll find out more tomorrow.


TLB said...

Call me if you need to vent. This sucks. Universe, you owe her a big one.

Brando said...

Hang in there. I echo tlb's sentiments.

msf said...

I too spent the better part of the morning on Google and thought what information I could find seemed optimistic--it lined up pretty well with what your friend's SF doctor said. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed, of course.

Jane said...

I wouldn't add the lack of movement to your list of worries. There really is a huge range from what I've heard, anywhere from 16 to 24 weeks, and other factors can affect whether or not you feel it -- the position of the placenta, the strength and thickness of your abdominal muscles, etc. (Blame it on your killer abs!) Also, the first movements feel so not like movement -- more like little bubbles and blips and burps -- that you might be feeling it and not realize it.

Hang in there....thinking of you lots.