Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well, that was nice.

I may have mentioned before that I actually like my insurance provider (or maybe it's just that I like my coverage, which is very good, which then means fewer fights with the provider). Anyway, I just called them to find out how much fertility coverage I have left since my plan has a $25K lifetime limit, and I'd obviously used up some of that for tests, two fresh IVFs, and one FET. (Conveniently, since my hospital/clinic is the largest one in the area and the provider is also the largest one in the area, there are negotiated rates with the hospital/clinic that are much lower than list prices, and the negotiated rate is what gets counted against your lifetime limit.)

It took the phone rep a while to find the answer (which was that I have about $5K left), but after telling me the details, she then paused and very kindly said, "And good luck!" I temporarily felt warmth for my fellow man.

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TLB said...

That's enough for another FET--maybe even two!