Monday, March 24, 2008

I thought I was kind of joking about the fears

My husband left for California yesterday. This morning, at about 6:45, I heard a bunch of sirens. I didn't think much of it, since the emergency services in this town tend to overreact (though I'd certainly feel as if my emergency were being taken seriously if I had been the one to call for an ambulance and received, say, four). But when I got to the gym, MSNBC had a breaking news alert that there was a shooter in our little city! was semi-safely ensconced in the gym daycare, where the child-to-caregiver ratio was about 15:1 at that moment. I turned to the local news station and got more info about the shooter, who killed his wife and four kids. On our side of town. And he was still at that moment thought to be on the loose.

And then everyone at the gym was huddled in corners, and many people were crying. It turns out that the wife was an early-morning regular at the gym and the coffeehouse next door. And the husband had recently been indicted for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from his job to support his cocaine habit. And all four kids were adopted. Not like it would be okay if they were biological; it just somehow seems even more awful that they were adopted.

The man apparently crashed his car into a sign on the interstate and burned alive. I'm not sure why he couldn't have just done that first instead of killing five other people.


Jess said...

That is just really terrible!

I'm glad you're all ok, though.

Heidi said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and suspecting that we lived in the same city--and this post confirms it. (Your RE did my apparently successful FET earlier this month). This is indeed a terrible tragedy, and it has made me angry and sad on many levels throughout the day. Most recently: my drive home this afternoon took me past the murdered kids' elementary school when school was letting out, and people were there from at least three newspapers/networks. This was the first time many parents were seeing of their kids, who KNEW the murdered children and had probably had a very traumatic day, and an incredibly important moment was being intruded upon by people shoving cameras and microphones in faces.

Motel Manager said...

Heidi - we must live in the same neighborhood since we live near that school. That is horrible about the cameras outside.

Congrats on your FET, however - that is great news!

Jess, if you check this, could you post your blog link? I can't seem to find it, though I know I initially emailed you for the candles.

Gallaudet said...

I saw this on the internet; damn! Ourtown has joined the world in a most unnerving way. I'm so sorry it happened.

You will be just fine as a semi-single parent. Check-in calls are great....and I'm guessing you will NOT, in fact, get eaten by the dog. Though I confess to the exact same fears when I'm home alone with the guys for any length of time. I just taught the Rabbit (now five and more of a Hare) to diall 911 and recite our address. Now I worry he'll do it egregiously.

OHN said...

I will never, ever, understand how someone could do something like this to their family. There must be a depth of depression that most of us can't even comprehend to be able to carry out a massacre like this. How could he look into the faces of his wife and children and kill them? I hope your community is supportive of each other as I am sure this will affect many people there, especially kids that knew the kids that were killed.