Sunday, January 27, 2008


Wow, people, what a weekend. My husband was out of town from Weds. until midnight last night, and came down with a fever yesterday. Much angst and medicating occurred; little napping, eating, or felicity took place. Doctors were called, etc. I woke up throughout the night and probably slept three hours total in 45-minute chunks. Good times.

Today, wasn't 100%, and the snot in his nose was keeping him from drinking very well, but he was better. Still, we had a few stretches of inconsolable crying that I totally remember well from my own days as a sick child. But late in the day, after another shot of ibupr.ofen, he was exhibiting good cheer. And, in the course of about three minutes, several advances were made in the baby universe.

Before I describe them, let me say that so far has not done anything early except smile and laugh. He's behind on pretty much everything else except grabbing, which he must be an expert at. Now, I think he's pretty awesome, but I do have those moments when I run into another kid his age (or younger) who can do shit like say, "Da" back to you when you say it, and I think, "Hey, - check that out, yo!" will say things like that but then just stare at you when you reply. And he's not crawling or pulling up or doing the electric slide or anything. So I was beginning to accept the fact that he would go far in life, but only because he's one of those people who charms you by laughing at whatever you say. God, I love those people.

Well, tonight, he pulled several things together. First, he intentionally began stacking his Me.lissa & Dou.g rainbow stacker, which claims it's 18 months and up. He didn't stack things in the right order, but it was well done. He also put a toy into the mailbox of the he got because Statia's son likes it, and I felt that copying her would be a good call. He then tried to put the cap onto his bottle. Next, he successfully got from his stomach to a seated position for the first time. Finally, he crawled backwards a little bit.

I think maybe he was putting on a show for me since I'm leaving tomorrow for a week. Rainy, cold California awaits me. I will miss that little genius.


statia said...

The Mini went for awhile without really achieving any milestones. Then all of a sudden he started hitting them in rapid fire. I think that's pretty normal. That said, he totally doesn't stack things on his stacker. I guess that would also probably be because we don't really take it out that often. He can make a basket now and then (on HIS terms, dammit) on his little tykes basketball thing.

He also went backwards for awhile before he went forwards. And let me tell you, when he went forwards, it was all over. Now he's taking a few steps at a time and I know he'll be walking in no time and a little part of me dies inside every time he takes another step.

I used to worry too, and after so many times of him doing things as he damn well pleases, I know he's just going to do them when he's ready. Doesn't make it any less worrisome or frustrating, but believe me, I've been there.

Heather said...

Way to go Soren!!

Emmie said...

You always crack me up!

My boys are definitely proof that babies will do what they want when they want, screw the milestones chart. So it sounds like is doing just fine. Good for him on the backwards crawl! For the record, he got his first tooth way early in my book, so that's something. AP Teething.

T-bone said...

Go Soren! I am convinced that Ada will still be gumming it come pre-school.

Brando said...

Hmm, I come for a visit, and S makes progress? Coincidence? Or am I like a wisecracking 2001 Monolith that symbolizes human progress?

Yeah, I answered 'coincidence' too.

Jess said...

Hey! I just popped over after you'd emailed me about the pic for ME, and noticed that your son looked about the same age as my daughter...

AND THEY ARE the same age! I mean, my daughter was born May 14!! Isn't that nuts??

I may have to read your blog now. :) You don't mind, do you? Mine is invite only, but if you want to read, you're welcome to email me.