Thursday, April 19, 2007

D-Day Determined

At my 36-week ultrasound today, our little guy was still firmly breech, so we've scheduled a c-section for Monday, 5/14. If I go into labor earlier, I am to go to the hospital, and they'll do the c-section right then. If he turns, we can cancel the c-section and do a normal labor. My cervix is very competent and closed tight at present, so I hope he'll stay in until 5/14. He butts his head out all the time, which makes me think he's trying to get out, a la the aliens in the Alien movies (see image at right).

And he's not so little anymore. They estimated him at 6 lbs, 13 oz., which puts him in the 81st percentile. I know those ultrasound estimates are notoriously off, though, so who knows what size he'll really be. If this estimate is correct, then he'd probably be about 8.5 lbs. at birth. Like me, he has a big head - it is already the size of a 40-weeker. We had a very nice ultrasound technician (a woman I recognized from doing IVF ultrasounds), and she let us watch his fat little face for a while. We saw him open and close his eyes and mouth several times. He looks like a real baby now - so amazing! My husband was insulted that I hadn't taken him to prior appointments, so he went with me today.

The heartbeat was at 143; my blood pressure was 106 over 70 or something like that; and I didn't get my uterine measurement. Somehow, I hadn't gained any weight since the last appointment, even though the baby has and I feel much larger. This may have to do with, ahem, the recently emptied colon I had today. I will now be going to the OB every week until the bitter, surgical end.

Tonight, we have our breastfeeding class. Of all the classes we're taking, this is the one where I probably need to pay the most attention. I really want breastfeeding to work well for us.

In other news, one of my IF sisters in real life just had a BFP (and high beta) on her latest IVF. Aside from one's own BFP, nothing is more satisfying than when a fellow IVFer has success. I am keeping my fingers crossed for her. Yay!!!


Emmie said...

Okay, Motel Manager--the race is on to see which one of us will deliver first! I'm so glad things are going so well for you and that you're at the coveted 36th week!

I'm a little jealous you have a scheduled C-section; the whole wait-and-see game I'm playing is really messing with my mind. I've been told by moms who have had both scheduled and emergency C-sections that having a scheduled one is much better than having it sprung on you.

My Reality said...

I can't believe you are so close!

Jane said...

Wow! So exciting. And such a disturbing visual. (Yet oddly accurate. Birth is so weird and gross when you get right down to it.) I guess there's still a chance that the little bugger will flip, but whatever way he comes out, the important thing is that he's healthy -- which it sounds like he is!

Good luck, Striker. We're all counting on you.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

How exciting that you have a date!! Congrats!

TLB said...

I laughed my ass off at that photo.

You'll do great.