Friday, April 20, 2007


On the message boards I read, women are always posting about a particular and apparently common problem: how to keep people (mostly family members, and often specifically in-laws) out of the delivery room or how to keep them from descending upon your residence and demanding to be entertained when you've just come home with your new baby. Apparently, lots of people get deeply insulted if you don't let them see your distended vagina or engorged boobs.

In contrast, allow me to share with you what my mother emailed me yesterday when I said I'd like her to come to town a week or so after the birth and stay for a week or two to help with cooking, cleaning, etc. (As context, she means this good-naturedly, not snarkily):

"That sounds fine to me. Hopefully, by then you will have figured out how to take care of a baby and won't be relying on me to show you!"


Anns said...

Geez, though I get that you are probably a little hurt by your Mom's comments, I have to admit that there are probably more than a few of us out here that wish our Mothers would have a similar reaction.

Emmie said...

I'm thinking I'd welcome your mom with open arms if she'd just do all the cooking and cleaning while I alone tended the baby...
But we all know I have mother and MIL issues. :)