Thursday, March 08, 2007

I forgot to mention the most exciting thing of all!

I am off the Z0fran! Which means I am off the C0lace! Which means my digestive system is back in working order - and how! Apparently, some people see a resurgence of nausea around 36 weeks, so I will keep the drugs on hand and enjoy the next six weeks.

I just had my OB appointment. Somehow, I was only up 1.5 lbs., so I am supposed to gain more weight - this is surprising to me, given how much I've been eating. My uterus measured at 28 weeks (not 30, which I am today or tomorrow, depending upon how you count), but the OB said that this didn't concern her. I suppose my next ultrasound will check that growth is okay.

The baby is still breech - apparently, he finds the pike position quite comfortable. Heartbeat was 154. Results from last time: I passed my one-hour glucola test with a score of 79, and my hematocrit level was 40%, which apparently is fine (to my dismay, given my diet and my lack of iron supplementation). My blood pressure today was 104 over 74. So everything looks good - I felt blissfully normal.

I saw someone from my prenatal aquatics class in the reception area. She'd failed her one-hour glucola test by a mere one point and was sitting there enduring her three-hour test. That would stink.

Next OB appt. and next ultrasound are both in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

That is very exciting news!! Congrats!!

Hopeful Mother said...

That IS big news!

Good news on the OB appt. too... now if we could just convince that little guy to flip over!