Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Embryo Motel: Swimsuit Edition

Warning: shot of bare, heat-rashed belly appears later in this post.

So, unsurprisingly, Hawaii was great! We went to the Big Island, which is lovely. Our typical schedule: (1) wake up weirdly early, (2) work out in amazing open-air gym, (3) eat many, many things at the breakfast buffet, generally including fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, dried mangoes, waffles, and more, (4) establish position in desirable cabana next to desirable pool, (5) read books in cabana, (6) eat lunch in cabana, (7) work out again, perhaps at a class at the fitness center pool, (8) take a walk along ocean, (9) nap, (10) take outdoor shower (a feature of our room), (11) eat dinner with in-laws, (12) read more, (13) go to sleep weirdly early.

I did get a heat rash all over my body on about day 2. You can kind of see it in this 29-week belly shot. Now that we're back in the winter climes of our home state, it seems to be subsiding. I think my belly has really popped out in the past week - it's either from a growing baby or the breakfast buffet. Or maybe from the rootbeer float I had for lunch one day - it included two generous scoops of Haa*gen-Dazs, which means like 93 grams of fat.

While there, we met this Brazilian model who was 3.5 months pregnant with twins. She was still incredibly thin (as well as 6' tall). AND she'd just found out that she was pregnant. For those out there who find themselves wanting to ask someone if their twins are "natural," I think the way you can actually more subtly find out (if you must, you nosy boob) is to listen to when the woman found out she was having twins - if she found out at 11+ weeks, then she probably wasn't doing IUI or IVF. I hope that this tip spares many twin moms the exasperation of having to answer whether twins run in the family or whether they "meant" to have twins. Gah! Anyway, this Brazilian chick made me feel very portly.

Thanks to local friends TLB and Brando for clearing our walks and watching our house during a hideous week of weather here. They are saints!
This week: another OB appointment, another therapist appointment, then off to visit the parents and some friends for a week. After that, my air travel is done!


Jamie said...

Hawaii really is wonderful!

And FYI: for 29 weeks pregnant you look like you could be a super model yourself! I don't think I look that good in a bikini now and I'm far from pregnant!

TLB said...

You're welcome. And you look fab and you know it.

My Reality said...

You look fantastic!

I am glad you had a great trip.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

You do look great! I am glad you had a good time!

Hopeful Mother said...

Your trip sounds great. I'm getting really hungry reading this... and it's only 10:00 a.m. here.

Your belly looks fab - good for you for wearing a bikini!

Good advice on the twin timing thing... I'm still bracing myself for the first time that question comes up. My instinct says "none of your business" but I will probably not-so-gracefully say "twins run in our family NOW!" and hope that we can change the subject.

Larki said...

What they said. With one addendum: will you quit already with looking so amazing so late in your pregnancy and just get fat like the rest of us?

Welcome back, by the way. Glad it was such a good trip.

Jane said...

Yeah, seriously. You look better in a bikini at 29 weeks than I've ever looked in my life. pprtpbb. (That is not just a sound of disgust, it's my word verification.)

Glad it was a good trip! Judging from the buffet account, it sounds like nausea isn't too much of a problem these days. Wahoo!