Monday, November 13, 2006

Assorted topics

Yesterday, I ventured to an outlet mall about 25 miles away. My brother had requested some ties for Christmas, and there's a Br00ks Br0s. outlet there, along with an 0ld Navy outlet that allows me to encourage good hygiene in my husband through my purchase of dozens of pairs of inexpensive boxers. (Truth be told, he still wears the same pair for days on end.) As further background, we live in an area in which you can go low-end (0ld Navy, Tar.get, etc.) or high-end (expensive boutiques where you can get your Paper Den1m jeans or T0ry Burch ensembles), but we lack the stylish middle ground (JCr.ew, etc.). So imagine my great glee when I drove into the outlet mall and saw that there is now a Ban.ana Republic outlet there! Awesome. I'd rather have a BR outlet than a real BR anyway. I got my father, brother, and husband many gifts, and I got myself a swingy baby-doll-style velvet dress for $11.99. I've decried the fashion trends in recent years - you know, the trapeze dresses and the non-fitted tanks that make you look pregnant unless you're the age and shape of Misch.a Barton. Now I am taking advantage of it. I also got two empire-waisted non-fitted stretchy tops. Good times.

Now, on the topic of disclosure. I disclosed my condition(s) to friends and family recently. My mother was delighted, but my decision not to tell my parents any earlier was vindicated when, not 24 hours later, I was bcc'ed on an email that my father had apparently sent out to everyone he knows, updating them on my mother's cancer treatments and their impending grandparenthood. In short, the word is out.

But I have not disclosed at work yet, and I am hoping to keep it mum for a while longer, at least until after my amnio (Dec. 6, with results two weeks later). I think I am a bit more cowed at work because most people here are my acquaintances, not close friends, and the idea of having to say, "Well, actually, it all went to hell," is not that appealing. There is a woman who works here who was visibly pregnant a year or so ago when she found out that her fetus had anencephaly, and everyone knew that she terminated. I don't really want to be in that situation, even though I think most people are understanding about such things (but I would be in danger of punching anyone who wasn't). I am taking three weeks off at the holidays and then have to travel for work for a week, so I'll be out of the office for a solid month. The question is, can I stay undercover for another month or so? It may be unlikely. But I have my new BR duds to see me through.

Later this week, I must take my first plane flights since I have been ill. The first one, on Thursday, is short (35 minutes). The second one, on Saturday, is a bit longer (2 1/2 hours). I shall carry dog-waste bags with me in case I need to hurl at 35,000 feet. I had a nightmare that I forgot to pack the Z0fran. God forbid.


Jane said...

I'll bet you can make it another month under cover. Empire waists and loose-fitting tops are good.

In my experience, other people aren't nearly as tuned into the changes in your body as you are. ("You" meaning "one.") Especially men. When I told people at work that I was pregnant, at around 14 weeks -- having already moved into maternity pants, mind you -- no one had any idea.

My Reality said...

Good luck keeping things under wraps at work. Congrats on such great deals at BR!

Larki said...

I bet you can keep it under wraps, as Jane said. I arrived here (in Iowa) 20 weeks pregnant and everyone in the Workshop expressed shock when I told them may have been being polite, but the men seemed genuinely surprised. Empire waists and long shirts are key. Nobody thinks you look pregnant until you're about 25 weeks anyway.

Good luck in midair! Oh, and congrats on the purchases. I will now have to haul ass down the highway and get me some BR.

Larki said...

That last comment came out screwy. Sorry. The computer seems to have deleted some key punctuation and pronouns.

TLB said...

My sis was impressed that you are not showing at all, not even a little, so I think you're safe until after the holidays.

Good luck with the flights, and universe, although you do not like me at all, not even a little bit these days, please look kindly on the Motel Manager and let her survive the flight without hurling. Thanks much.