Thursday, December 11, 2008


That's what S. thinks the Ge.ico ge.cko is. He kept exclaiming "monkey" at random times; eventually, we noticed that it was whenever we were passing billboards with this creature on them. At first, I tried to correct him, but now I just roll with it.

I'm 33w4d today -- wow! And I'm still coughing -- boo! I think I'm on the mend this time, though -- really. S.oren got another cold, which I then caught, which seemed to extend my cough, but at least I didn't get the all-over body rash that he's sporting right now. Luckily for him, he's small and cute, and rashes don't look quite as threatening on big cheeks and a burly little physique.

F.ranz continues to rock and roll in my abdomen, which is, by comparison to last time, enormous. I'm realizing that time is growing short and I need to do some rather major things like wash all of Fran.z's hand-me-down clothes, install blackout shades in his room, and get my entire life in order.

To honor your requests, here's a recent photo of my little boy. He's getting a bit surly, just in time for his brother's debut, but he sure is funny most of the time.


Jess said...

LOL at the geico "monkey"....loooove it! Esp as a non-geico insurance agency. Hahahaha

You're getting so close! Franz will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

What a cute pic!

Geicos look enough like monkeys, I guess!

TLB said...

OMG...cute! Look at all those teeth!