Tuesday, December 30, 2008

36w3d and locked up tight

I had been starting to think that F.ranz was going to arrive early. I've felt a great deal of pressure on my pelvic floor, something I never experienced with So.ren. It comes on particularly when I'm out walking the dog. Another thing that occurs when I walk the dog is that I fall down, suggesting to me that I must be very imbalanced (physically, people!), perhaps because F.ranz had dropped.

Well, I went to the OB yesterday, and she said the baby hasn't dropped and that my cervix is as high and tight as a military haircut. That's good news: I need these last three weeks before F.ranz's scheduled debut (1/21) to get some shit done, such as thinking for a real name for F.ranz. And I haven't been able to get anything at all done this week or last week because our babysitter needed a vacation. I appear not to be one of those super-moms who can do childcare and still keep up on emails, Fac.ebook, various craft projects, bill-paying, organic-meal-making, and world-dominating. No, when I'm on childcare duty, that's all I can get done. That and crack a rib, which I did by coughing. It's better now, though apparently it won't be healed for another month or two. Still, I don't recommend it, particularly when neither ibu.profen nor margaritas are available for your use. If they were, I would be exceeding the recommended daily dosage of each.

Seriously, we don't have a name for Fr.anz. I think I am just going to give him one in the delivery room because the mother always wins that battle, right? I keep asking my husband if he's given it any more thought, and he replies, "No," and then goes back to reading or looking at Fa.cebook, which he sometimes calls "working."

What else? Well, I'm up 23 lbs. That seems good to me. No swelling, lots of peeing, lots of heartburn/reflux, lots of weird-ass dreams. I'm finally mostly over my eight-week cough and am eager to get my immune system back. I've been sleeping better and more deeply, meaning I'm no longer willing to trade all of my pregnancy ailments for sleep deprivation, but I don't have a choice, do I?

I saw a lactation consultant in preparation for baby #2, and she was full of interesting information, including a new book for low-supply mothers. I hope to synopsize this for you soon. Some upshots: (1) the number of women who cannot exclusively breastfeed is rising, perhaps because of environmental factors, perhaps because more infertile and/or older women are getting pregnant, both of which are considered low-supply risk factors by IBCLCs, (2) I should feel good about my chances at improved supply this time around, and (3) the hospital-grade pump really may make a difference. She did not think I should aggressively start the galactogogues or drugs until I see what I've got for 10 days or so, nor did she think goat's rue (the one thing I didn't try) would help my particular situation, though I may still give it a whirl. She concurred with me that Regl.an should be banned and domp.eridone should be legal. Really, who could argue with that? Not anyone who's tried 'em both; that's for sure. I went ahead and ordered a supply of dom.peridone from the sketchy internet pharmacy. While I was at it, I ordered Front.line and Heart.gard for my dog because I hate having to get those from the vet. Suck it, vets!

Well, So.ren, the light of my life, will be waking up from his nap soon and demanding waffles. I will tell him that waffles are only for breakfast, after which he will suggest cake as an appropriate substitute. Tonight, we're going down to visit some friends in the 'burbs, eat dinner, play board games, and be asleep by 10. At least I will be. May 2009 be a great year for all of us!


Jess said...

Happy May 2009!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

TLB said...

Happy New Year! I suggest that you keep the name Franz.

I've been using fenugreek for the past few weeks with Miss Libs, and I found that the recommended dose (3 caps 3 times a day) wasn't enough, but when I went up to 4 caps 3 times a day the supply went up nicely. I only have one boob that really works and, while I have been able to keep up with her, I didn't have enough left over to pump so the sitter could have something to feed her while I am writing. Miss Libs is a big baby, and she hates, HATES formula, as in, Mom-why-are-you-feeding-me-this-rat-poison hate. I also think the hospital-grade pump will be better than the one that whispers evil at you.

However, no matter what you use, I wish you much improved breastfeeding this time around. We can't wait to meet little Franz, who will no doubt be as good-looking and charming as his older brother.

Thalia said...

I am fascinated to see what happens. I hope hope hope that breastfeeding is easier this time, and if your LC knows anyone in London please get me a number!

Brandy said...

I totally do the online meds for the dogs too!! He he. Our vets office is just too far away!