Friday, September 12, 2008

I should change the name of this blog to Chronicles of a Hypochondriac.

Since we last spoke, I have spiraled deeper and deeper into the inferno of hypochondria.  I mean, really, people -- what's going to happen to me when I'm old and actually infirm?  Maybe I'll be inured to it all by then.  Sheesh.

So last weekend, I began having these sharp, stabbing pains in my sternum.  It kind of felt as if I'd swallowed a nail, sideways.  But it just came in little two-second bursts, and I thought it would go away.  But it kept occurring, and on Tuesday morning, I had a bunch of these episodes.  Now, as you know, I'm a big advocate of Dr. Google, believing that most sensible people can take what it gives you with a grain of salt.  But this, friends, was one occasion in which I should not have consulted the doctor, since one thing that came up was aortic dissection, which does have a higher frequency during pregnancy.  Just Google it to see what comes up.  

So I went to the ER to get it checked out.  After all, if I were going to need a 20-hour surgery, those 20 hours might as well start sooner rather than later.  They sent me up to Labor & Delivery because I'm over 20 weeks, and the OB on call said her leading suspicions were damage to the esophagus from heartburn and puking or gallstones.  Liver function tests came back normal, though, suggesting gallstones were not the issue.

I then had an appointment with my regular OB, who was at a bit of a loss but suggested Ga.viscon to soothe the esophagus.  This did seem to help a little, but as soon as I began taking it, I also started getting very strong menstrual cramps and diarrhea.  The first day, they went away.  Yesterday, they lasted the whole day, and I was sure I was going into preterm labor.  As an experiment, I stopped the Ga.viscon, and, lo and behold, no cramps this morning.

But then and I were in the coffee shop, and I put him down for a second to put a lid on my tea, and then I picked him up -- ohhhh, and I knew even at the moment that I should be bending my knees -- and I have completely thrown out/wrenched my lower back.  I have done this once before in my life, when I was maybe 25.  I am bordering on incapacitated.  Can you even take anything while you're pregnant?  I think one of my friends took or something.  I'll call the OB, who no doubt views me as cross to be borne.

I guess I'll settle in to some hurricane coverage (my parents live in the path of the storm and have some moronic plan to stay there, see if they lose power (almost certain), and THEN drive to their inland weekend house after the storm.  You know, when there'll be downed trees, buildings, power lines, etc.) and hope for the best.

[In other catastrophe-related news, I hit a parked car, doing MAJOR damage (ie, two new doors required) to my car.  I took my car in to be repaired and got a rental car, which promptly got a flat tire as the result of some metal sticking out of the curb near our house.  I think I should just stay inside.]


Flmgodog said...

I am pretty sure you need to just stay in bed right now!!!

Holy cow you have had the last few days.
I know that you can take some pain k.llers when pregnant. I broke my tailbone and foot in the IA ice while pregnant. I am sure the OB is going to be HAPPY to hear from you.
Take care!!

Lorraine said...


I had horrible terrible back pain about halfway through my pregnancy. Because the joints are loosening up all sorts of things can just go out of whack. My yoga teacher had a physical therapy move that was a miracle - although an actual physical therapist might be a better bet. The great thing about PT is that there are no drug side effects and the actual problem is being addressed instead of just masking the pain. So, how's that for advice from a total stranger?

Seriously, best wishes, and I hope tomorrow is the start of a string of better luck.

Jess said...

I'm sorry!! Holy cow!

I know that when Rachel fractured her tailbone when pg with Ava she took vicodin perscribed by her doc, so I know that you *can* take that, at least, so it's worth asking! Yow!!

Take it easy!!

TLB said...

I had major pains at the end of my pregnancy because I had a terrible cough. Took nothing but Tylenol, and then not very much. I hope you get better drugs than that.

Sounds like a bad week, hon. I vote for staying in bed, especially since you're a housewife now.

Hopeful Mother said...

Yah - just stay in bed. Sounds good to me.

Emmie said...

Been thinking of you and hoping all is well. Take it slow and maybe stay inside a little more. ;) Hope you feel better soon.