Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fuck you, Jennifer Lopez

I don't know why I had to go read CelebrityPregnancy.com, when it is obviously something that would just make me mad. But I did check it out today, and came across this quote from Jennifer Lopez's dad re: her twins:

“Yes, twins,” David Lopez told reports during an interview on Escandalo TV. “The thing is in my family, my sister also had twins, so it’s a hereditary thing.”

Okay, look: I bet JLo used IVF, but I realize that celebrities do not have to tell everyone in the world that they used IVF (in contrast to me). But even if she didn't, why does her family have to proactively get the word out that she didn't? It makes IVF seem so shameful.

So fuck you, Jennifer Lopez.


Mason said...

Once my wife became pregnant, we told people we used IVF. It wasn’t as if we made a decision to tell everyone, we just did. We still do; it just sort of comes out. I think if you do IVF, you want some kind of validation for how emotionally and physically draining it is. Of course no one can give you that validation unless they’ve gone through it. Most people we’ve told have said “oh” or “really?”

My wife and I have loved reading your blog over the past year. Our experience has been similar to yours—a successful FET, a C-section, and a baby boy—although we’re eight months behind you. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for your impending FET.

Motel Manager said...

Thanks, Mason (and wife), for reading!

I agree with you as to the psychology behind the IVF revelation. I also sort of think that I'm telling everyone in case they know of someone who is struggling with IF. I definitely talked to many infertile friends of friends during the IVF process since at some point I no longer wanted to speak with anyone who hadn't been infertile herself.

singletracey said...

AGREED and AMEN. For some reason, that whole thing pisses me off too. So, with you, I shout a "FUCK YOU Jennifer Lopez" :-)

Instead of keeping secrets about IF, Celebs should share their struggle. BLAH.. Anyway.. An April FET!! You go girl.. maybe we will be cycling together!

Brando said...

You would think if former senators and NFL coaches would do commercials for erectile dysfunction, celebs wouldn't really find IVF that hard to talk about.

Jane said...

Yes, I found it strange that Papa Lopez felt the need to explain that it ran in the family. You know, Julia Roberts did the same thing when she announced that she was pregnant with twins.

Who knows -- maybe neither of them did do IVF or fertility drugs. And if they did, that's their business -- I don't think celebrities are obligated to explain the manner of their children's conception any more than anyone else.

But there definitely is a stigma against fertility treatments (Let me tell you how much I adore it when people ask me if my twins are "natural"). And it would be nice if high profile folks didn't contribute to it.

libbycoleman said...

I agree. I also think Jennifer Lopez is omitting the truth about something. And she knows it.

She has no business condemning others for their reproductive choices. Anyway, she is a pathetic little piece of nothing, so why pay attention to her? A few years from now, people will say "J Lo Who?"