Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bad Mommy Story

I planned to be all clever and take some photos to illustrate this story, but I tempted fate with my last post and have ended up with a bitch of a cold (which involves coughing for hours each night until finally falling into an uneasy sleep on the couch at 4am), so you'll get the text-only version.

So, a couple of days before we left for California, I was on my daily afternoon stroll with So.ren and our dog. We rarely vary our route, which takes us through our pleasant, leafy neighborhood of bungalows and other houses of the small-town wooden variety (why, no, I'm not an architect; how did you guess?). I tell you this because it makes the events that transpired all the more inexplicable.

So.ren rides along in his car seat, which I snap into a stroller frame. The frame, as you may be aware, allows the car seat to clip onto a bar, and then the frame itself has these little tabs that you pull in over the car seat to keep it from coming dislodged in the front. I always check both parts before we head out, and I had done so that day, though I've noticed that sometimes the tabs get jostled on the walk and aren't really doing their job, so maybe that had happened here.

We were cruising along at a fairly rapid pace, which is how I like it, when the stroller contraption hit a piece of uneven pavement. It stopped; the dog and I kept going. I smacked right into the stroller, overturning it. But wait - it gets worse. When the edge of the car seat hit the pavement, it came detached from the stroller frame, and landed UPSIDE DOWN on the sidewalk. I wiped out beside it.

Now, luckily, I had strapped the crap out of So.ren into the car seat, which I don't always do on walks. So he was just hanging in there upside down, looking perplexed, but no part of him hit the sidewalk. (I had the handle in the proper roll-bar position, too.) Approximately 10 people witnessed this event, and came to inquire as to whether we were injured or just stupid (that last part was implied). Fortunately, we were okay - Sore.n didn't even cry - but visions of how badly this could have gone have populated my brain ever since. Poor little boy! I had two shins full of gnarly bruises, which meant I then had to explain how I'd gotten them to anyone who saw my legs, which I suppose was a form of penance.

That little boy is pretty stoic, I have to say. He weathered that well, along with, this week, a cold and THREE TEETH. We didn't even know they had come in - sure, he drools a lot, but he's been doing that for a while, and he wasn't abnormally cranky. He obviously doesn't get his equanimity from either of his parents.


Heather said...

Holy Cow! I'm glad everyone is ok (aside from the bruises). But, you aren't a bad Mommy. Sounds like bad equipment.

Jane said...

You clearly are a GOOD mommy for strapping him in so tightly! Good to know that the carseat did its job.

Three teeth? I demand a picture!

hope548 said...

How lovely that so many people got to witness! Glad nobody was hurt!

Brando said...

What you have to remember is, if he could talk, he would have said "Do it again, Mommy!"

I am glad you were both okay.

TLB said...

I guarantee I will wipe out with my child in an equally impressive manner at some point. Glad you're both OK and the boy is being pleasant about his teeth.

Susanne said...

I have to ask if this is the BOB Ironman stroller? I bought it too but finally sent back the carseat adaptor (I wanted to run w/it and the instructions advised that it might not be stable enough for that). Just starting to use it (without the carseat adaptor).

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am glad that you both are okay!

Isabel said...

Oh dude. That just happens though, accidents. So glad your kid is okay. Hope the bruises heal up quick for ya!