Monday, August 06, 2007

Back to the salt mines

I returned to the office for the first time on Friday, just for a couple of hours. I'm doing the same today. Things aren't in as much disarray as I had feared. Moreover, I am practicing Being Efficient, since I will only have childcare for 30 hours a week. I know, 30 hours is a pretty large number of hours, but I also need to squeeze in exercise, errand-running, personal upkeep, and world-saving during that time, and I'm sure there's lots of inefficiently used minutes involving sharing info with the nannies, etc.

So we hired two nannies/babysitters. One will be on duty three days a week from 8am-3pm, and the other will work 4-5 hours two days a week. They are both college students. Neurotically, I made them take an all-day CPR/infant first aid certification course on Saturday, then had them train with the baby nurse for much of the day yesterday. They did quite well, and I am pleased with our choices so far.

It has been lovely having the baby nurse back. She's here three more nights. I will wait a few more days before I report on any napping progress because I think we need more data points.

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Emmie said...

Please, please share all nap findings!!!...
Good luck, and glad to hear your childcare choices are working out so well!